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The Sugar Mommy on WZID

WZID radio interview

April 2011
Today was an exciting day...I was interviewed on the best family-friendly morning radio show in New Hampshire! I chatted with Mike, Tracy, and Suzanne on WZID 95.7, and it was great! I hope the people of New Hampshire and beyond learned about my business and the nation-wide services I provide. If you have a graduation approaching or a sick loved one or a child away at school, let The Sugar Mommy help you show them how much you care.



goody bags from The Sugar Mommy

Now in Retail Stores

April 2011
In the past, I operated my business almost entirely with custom orders. I love supplying customers with cookies and chocolates that are exactly what they want, but I also want to provide my goodies to more people. After lots of meetings and tons of samples, The Sugar Mommy's award-winning products are now being sold in select stores in southern New Hampshire! You can now grab a loaded chocolate chip cookie whenever the craving hits you! And when you are running out to visit a friend or thank a teacher for staying late to help your child, you can stop into your nearby meat market to pick up a sleeve of cookies or a bag of peanut butter cups!



Watch The Sugar Mommy as featured on WMUR's 
          New Hampshire Chronicle!



The Sugar Mommy was on TV!

March 2011
Recently, a local television anchor from WMUR, Tiffany Eddy, came to my house to interview me! WMUR filmed a piece for New Hampshire Chronicle, an evening program featuring local human interest stories. On March 25, 2011, New Hampshire Chronicle featured The Sugar Mommy on the show. Watch the clip here!




Trying New Things

Snickerdoodles from The Sugar Mommy

March 2011
Personally, if a cookie isn’t loaded with chocolate, I’m usually not interested in eating it…which is why I’m better off making sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and snickerdoodles, like those in the picture. While my husband is one of the biggest fans of my loaded chocolate chip cookies, he also occasionally likes a simple snickerdoodle for a treat. I’m often not interested in making such no-frills cookies but decided to give it a whirl.

My daughter helped me gather the ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, eggs, etc…"but what about the chocolate chips?", she asked. Like mother, like daughter. She took on her sous chef role, and we stirred the thick batter, rolled it into balls, and then covered the balls of dough in delicious cinnamon sugar. As they baked, they developed beautiful cracks and color. They are actually quite lovely, and they make the kitchen smell divine. Now, I just have to remember that because they don’t have chocolate doesn’t mean they aren’t loaded with other richness. A snickerdoodle is still a cookie even if it lacks chocolate chips!



The Evolution of the Cookie

March 2011
Starting with a big lump of dough, I place free-form dollops on the parchment-lined cookie sheet. After a golden edge forms, they are ready. They rest on a cooling rack until ready to package. Then, beautiful stacks of loaded chocolate chip cookies to share with friends, neighbors, and you!

The evolution of a chocolate chip cookie from The Sugar Mommy



The Big Companies Aren’t Necessarily The Best

Special dipped pretzel rods

September 2010
I have a friend who just had surgery and I wanted to send her a gift basket. While my first inclination was to send a fabulous creation of my own, I decided to send a spa package. I ordered a divine box filled with bath gels, soaps, lotions, towels, a pillow, and various other luxurious items…THEN, I got an email telling me that package I fell in love with was no longer available. WHAT?! I had to call the company and order something different, and it had to be a package they offered. It’s not like they were going to come up with something unique and special JUST FOR ME.

Well…THE SUGAR MOMMY WOULD…and does, ALL THE TIME. That’s the beauty of this company. The Sugar Mommy works with every single customer as if they are the only customer. Each order is uniquely crafted for the customer so as to ensure total satisfaction. What happened to me with one of the giant gift basket companies would never happen to my customers. There is no such thing as “backordered,” “sold out,” or “no longer available.” I admit, certain items take longer if they require me to special order an ingredient, but that’s the worst of it. Everything is possible!

So, my advice, unless you are ordering a book or DVD or absolutely have to have flowers or balloons, stick with The Sugar Mommy and get what you want every time you order!


Best of NH 2010 award


Best of NH Party

June 2010
I am very excited to participate in my first Best of NH Party! I have always wanted to go to this event, but somehow something has managed to get in my way every year. Well, this year is different...I AM A VENDOR!

Yes, because I won Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, I get the privilege of attending the event as a vendor to show off my award-winning cookies. And, because I am smart enough to bring some help with me (something I often forget to do at events), hopefully I'll be able to take a little time and walk around to see the other goodies. I hope the Best of NH Party shows the community who I am and what I can do!



300 cupcakes and a hidden ring


300 Cupcakes & A Hidden Ring

December 2009
I'm participating in the WZID Wedding Expo. In addition to creating a eye-catching tablescape for the expo, I am also providing the station with 300 cupcakes...yes, I said 300!

The cupcakes will be on display for select brides to maul and mutilate while searching for a hidden wedding ring. Those 300 cupcakes will get me key radio advertising, so it's a good trade...but lots and lots and lots of work!


dipped apple slices




Featured in New Hampshire Magazine

October 2009
The Sugar Mommy LLC hit the big time with a mention and photograph in the October 2009 issue of New Hampshire Magazine. There is a section called Stuff and it shows four local companies that make chocolate covered apples. That's where I'm mentioned.

And what makes me stand out from my competitors is that I go the extra mile to make chocolate apple SLICES because sometimes you just don't want to cut into a whole apple.

Plus, my slices can be ordered as a variety. So you can get jimmies on one slice, chopped nuts on one slice, toasted coconut on one slice, m&ms on one get the idea. Read the article here.





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